Smart Consulting Robot

Smart Consulting Robot

  •  Ads

    Top touchscreen display ads during spare time,support static,dynamic and interactive advertising.

    Three-sides-screen supports synchronous/asynchronous static and dynamic advertising,Intelligent automatic looping ads.

  •  Safe

    Customize enterprise knowledge quiz,broadcast announcement and chatting Q&A.

  • Cruising

    Autonomous cruise,to the designated location.

    The crowd followed,identifying population density and independent travel to areas of greater population density.

Intelligent Advertisement

Four screens show synchronous/synchronous ads,cloud resources unified administration,accurate placement of personalized information of big data

Autonomous Mobile

Automatic patrol at designated locations/areas,initiative to welcome recommendation service.
Follow the crowds to identification population density go autonomously to areas with high population density.

  • Path Planning

  • Obstacle-Avoiding

Cloud Data Management

Customized procedure and visitor information,visitor data synchronization.

  • Procedure
  • Synchronization
  • Customization