Intelligent Temperature Taken Robot

Intelligent Temperature Taken Robot

  • Accurate

    Fully record temperature and access information.                                                              Recognize people with mask accurately.                                                                                   Face recognition check in among multi-passerby,get rid of the annoying queue.                      Error of temperature taken within 0.3 ℃.

  • Safe

    Remote temperature taken to avoid contact.

    3 divisions of alarm when high temperature people detected.                                     Automatically distinguish different types of personnel and access permissions,prevent unauthorized and high temperature access. 

  • Flexible

    Cloud data management,unified administration of diverse places.

    Provide attendance report anytime and anywhere,as well as real-time data summary.

Intelligent Temperature Taken

Remote temperature taken, register temperature information together with facial recognition data automatically. Making the process of temperature taken, registering, high-temperature finding effective and efficiency.

  • Remote Temperature Taken
  • AI Control
  • Facial Identity Recognition
  • Voice Interaction
  • VIP Welcome

Wisdom of Attendance

To count in the entrance,the derived data and the output report form,OA programmed system

AI Security Monitoring

App live view monitor screen,support for docking in the control room on the video wall.
The scene of getting in or out of snap photography,real-time video frequency monitoring,the robot sound an alarm when it see the suspects.

  • The Scene of Getting In or Out of Snap Photography

  • Real-time Video Frequency Monitoring

  • Blacklist Alarm

Labor Saving

Population flow and passageways of statistics,sends real-time data, visitors stranded of statistics.

  • Population Statistics
  • Stranded Statistics
  • Reduce Breaches